• Po0ol is a start-up developing a business-to-business ECOmmerce marketplace for Small and Medium Enterprises.

  • What We Do

    Po0ol targets a wide variety of small and medium businesses with little time to manage their operations and presents them competitive solutions to buy and sell sustainable goods or services.



    Po0ol provides a platform for small and medium businesses to quickly view several options for acquiring sustainable resources.



    We ensure competitive prices for sustainable goods and services by aggregating the buying power of SMEs on a city level. The Po0ol deals are designed to connect businesses with similar demands and obtain premium prices from this partnership.



    Po0ol brings solutions that benefit both the businesses' performance and the environmental quality of its city. Through actions such as supply chain management, transport logistics and market strategies we are focused on creating a stronger and more sustainable small and medium business community.

  • About Us

    Po0ol is a start-up developing a business-to-business ECOmmerce marketplace for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).


    With a focus on four complementary fields; research, supply chain management, transport logistics and financial sustainability. We aspire to provide a competitive business-to-business portal where suppliers of sustainable products and services sell their products at a reduced price.


    Po0ol is committed to empower a business community that is actively contributing to mitigate climate change. We therefore cooperate with clients and users from different sectors including, energy, food, transport and retail.

  • Our approach

    On the Po0ol ecommerce marketplace we promote the collaborative purchasing of sustainable options. Businesses shopping together and shopping sustainably are the two main mechanisms we use to reduce the carbon emissions of the local businesses.


    How do we work? To ensure the appropriate demand and supply for each industry we follow five steps:

    1) Research 

    On market challenges, the drivers for change, the business case studies, the risks and costs analysis of deals.

    2) Build a value chain for each business sector

    Map the resources used by each specific customer sector as well as the main suppliers and their degree of satisfaction. Analyze best fitting and potential sustainable suppliers for those needs. Cluster the potential suppliers according to environmental and social criteria to ensure transparency and the buying of safe and green products.

    3) Create strong partnerships with the suppliers

    Set competitive contracts and determine the key performance indicators.

    4) Data monitoring

    Continuous analysis on market trends, sustainable sourcing alternatives and commercialization strategies. We also focus on identifying risks to operate in a cost-efficient way.

    5) Promote successful impacts on a city level

    Po0ol aims to become a marketing leader for our customers in the eco-market. To do so, we spread the successful stories happening on the Po0ol website and promote the environmental impact of the Po0ol transactions for the reduction of CO2 on a city level.

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  • Team

    Kim van Sparrentak


    Kim (Netherlands) grew up in a family with a small business and now wants to empower a sustainable business community in Wellington. Kim has great campaign experience and know-how in sales. Her vibrant personality, interpersonal qualities and creativity make her Po0ols´ ideal customer relationships manager and market strategist.

    Isa Miralles


    Isa (Spain) is a passionate individual and very persistent. She enjoys hard work and challenging projects that are meaningful for the society and the environment. Her expertise is in food certification processes and quality assurance. She brings to Po0ol research and analytical mindset to manage the supply chain and the transport logistics.

    Kang Lin


    Kang (China) has a business management and IT background and a specific interest for web-based techniques. Kang is in charge of IT and managing the Po0ol website. She is also keen on contributing to an environment of sustainable development. She is great with numbers and in charge of the finance and administration of Po0ol.

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